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Hello and Welcome

Sky1Designs is owned and run by me, Phyllis Baldwin. Being in the beauty industry for more years than I care to share, I've always had a love and passion for the creative end of making a person feel good about themselves. Owning a salon for 18+ years and teaching, working for a modeling agency doing hair, and dealing with more weddings, brides and homecomings than I can count over the last 25+ years I am finally able to work on the other end of what pulls it all together, the photo's, artwork and layout of the finished product. 

I was able to retire my salon and focus on raising my daughter Skylar, Computer Art and my new found love of Essential Oils, Soaping and Lotion making. 

I don't know which I love more, although it's pretty hard to beat being a mom and with said daughter now in her teen years Essential Oils are a must have!

I have over 12 years experience in desk top publishing, business cards, digital imagery, photo retouching, corrections, magazine, program, pamphlet, flier and CD booklet layout. I am very detailed oriented and take great pride in my work.

Sky1Designs, Phyllis Baldwin

Soaps, Lotions, Oils and More

I make all my products in small batches with natural ingredients. I pride myself on making small batch soaps, lotions, body butters and creams using ingredients you will love and can pronounce.

What makes homemade truly unique? It’s the fact that it’s made by hand. My all natural soaps are made from scratch, utilizing what is commonly known as the cold process method and some soaps are the hot process method. I work in small batches so that it is easier to ensure that high quality is maintained. I start with food-grade oils and then add rich moisturizing oils and butters, clays, essential oils or fragrances. The process takes between 4 – 8 weeks on average for a batch of soap to fully mature. Each and every bar is then cut and packed by hand, giving each one its own unique look and a slightly different weight. 

My homemade lotions and body butters are just as unique using ingredients you can pronounce. All our lotions and body butters are made with blends of essential oils, moisturizing oils and butters your skin will thank you for.

My pain bars, lip balms, specialty creams and salves are all made using pure essential oils and moisturizing oils and butters.

Thank you so much for supporting my small shop and for stopping by. You can view some of my other work at  Have a great day. God Bless and don't forget to smile.