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I hope you will enjoy my products as much as I enjoy offering them to you. I make all my products in small batches with natural ingredients. I pride myself on making small batch soaps, lotions, body butters and creams using ingredients you will love. If you are in need of a special gift, birthday present or wedding/baby shower gifts drop me a line to see what I can make special for you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Top Sellers

All natural lotion bar eases aches and pains

Ache Away Lotion Bar

Rose Clay-Charcoal Facial Bar

Ache Away Lotion Bar

moisturizing avocado body butter

Avocado Body Butter

Rose Clay-Charcoal Facial Bar

Ache Away Lotion Bar

handmade facial soap with rose clay, activated charcoal and tee tree essential oil

Rose Clay-Charcoal Facial Bar

Rose Clay-Charcoal Facial Bar

Rose Clay-Charcoal Facial Bar


Michelle, Canton, Ohio

I’ve tried numerous products from this line. All of which I absolutely love. I suffer from extremely dry skin and the Avocado Body Butter seems to be the only lotion I’ve come across that has worked! I also recommend the Exfoliating Soap as well. I will remain a dedicated and long lasting customer!

Tammie Jeffers, Tomball, TX  

Phyllis' essential oils products are amazing. She makes for me a product she calls "Ache Away" - and I not only use it for arthritis and aches in my back but my daughter is in a wheelchair - and her hands ache miserably from turning the wheels to move the chair. She came to see us in December and I gave her some to try and she loved it so much (immediate results) - that she took the rest of what I had with her! Great Job Phyllis! - Also my sister in NC has trouble with arthritis in her hands as well and couldn't get over how fast it worked! Thanks for all you do! - I'd recommend your Ache away and your wonderful moisterizing soaps and lotions to anyone. You always go the extra mile to make it work!

Jim, Norton, Ohio

Love the soaps. For myself, it works great on my dry itchy skin.Totally worth the buy.                               

Mission of Yahweh. Houston, TX

Phyllis Baldwin, Graphic Designer and WEB Guru - is the best at her creative concepts and designs but has a strong knowledge of the technical side of things for the web applications. The Mission of Yahweh has been working with Phyllis remotely for 2.5 years now and she's always available to help with any kind of web glitch, design hiccups and even the mundane things that we need done. She has been very instrumental in helping come up with concepts for fundraisers, direct mail campaigns, e-mail blasts, posters, wall designs on campus, posters, and so much more. I highly recommend her for any project you may have because she's awesome to work with and very patient with us (the customer) when we don't even have an idea on what to do to reach our marketing/advertising goals. 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!